Ready to take ownership of your health and life?

Fed up with yo-yo dieting and obsessing over calorie counts? Can exercise or get to the gym? Tired of trying to figure out the perfect balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates? Not sure if you should do 6 meals a day, try Keto, do intermate fasting? If you’re ready to take full ownership over the health and wellness of your body, now is the time to reach out to us at The Functional Health Solution

Our Ideal Client

At TFHS we believe that each human being is intrinsically valuable, but we also understand that not every person who applies for our program will be a good fit for our approach. We utilize a very deliberate and systematic admissions process, which allows us to select candidates that have the best opportunity to experience a positive outcome. 

This admissions process is first focused on whether the prospective client has a health problem we have successfully track record helping others with in the past.  Next, we focus on whether they possess qualities that would make them a good overall fit. Some of those qualities include their health being the #1 priority, being motivated to get better, having a great support system, being coachable and having a pleasant and optimistic attitude.

Custom VIP Programs with Individualized Solutions

Virtual 1-on-1 Coaching

No cookie cutter recommendation here. Our initial session begins with an overview of your current health condition, nutritional habit, activity levels and your goals. Follow-up sessions revolve around targeted strategies and creating a custom plan to help you reach specified goals.

Access to Functional Labs/Testing and Nutritional Products

We show you where to get access to all the labs and functional testing to discovery what is really behind your symptoms and where the hidden imbalances are and what natural solutions can aid your bodies innate ability to heal.

Lifestyle/Activity Plans

Learn how to break all those bad health habits and routines that have kept you frustrated and unsure what to eat, and what to do to get better. Stop the frustration and yo-yo dieting and routines. Learn how to create a long term lifestyle plan based on your situation and bodies needs.